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Putting Feet to Faith

Don’t you just love when God reminds you that His word is in fact living and breathing?

My most recent read through Hebrews 11, one of my favorite chapters in the Bible, brought forth a comforting revelation. This chapter is hailed as the “hall of fame” of faith.

I’ve read it countless times. It’s one that I always come back to for an infusion of hope. And yet reading it this time it spoke to me in a completely new way.

Sometimes we need a reminder of what faith really looks like.

Hebrews 11 provides just that. As I read through the tail end of this chapter, where the author takes us through step by step every act of faith taken by both Moses & the Israelites to receive their freedom, I was reminded that in order to see God’s very big will for our lives it requires small steps of faith from our own two feet.

Think about it in terms of completing a puzzle

You don’t empty the box to reveal a completed image. Rather you open the box to find all the small pieces that will produce the final masterpiece. And the steps you take will determine just how fast this project is complete.

For instance, if you decide to start building the puzzle right away before spreading out and flipping over all the pieces, you’ll find yourself struggling to find the pieces you need for the section you’re focused on.

In that same token, you may decide to start building the middle of the puzzle first rather than focusing on the border or the foundation of the puzzle which can lead to frustration and take longer to complete.

The same small steps you take to building this puzzle are the same small steps that you take in faith. All the small steps in the right direction will produce a big result. Just like all the pieces in the right place produce a masterpiece.

For the Israelites these small steps led towards their final steps into a life of freedom in a promised land. But It all started with one small action done in faith.

No matter where you are in your own faith walk, remember this: it’s not always the grandiose moments, but in the small steps of faith that produce a purpose and identity in God that no man can take.

What’s one step you’ll take today by faith?

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