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HI! I'm Audrey, a believer, writer, photographer and all-around creative with a heart for helping people know their identity in Christ and discover their God-given purpose in life. 

In her personal ministry, Audrey has been commissioned by God to be a voice to the lost. Through outreach and events, as well as through an online video series, “Breaks with Bee,” she seeks to restore the hopeless, the hurt, the brokenhearted and the forgotten to the body of Christ through teachings and encouragement focused on identity and purpose. Her goal is to help the future generations experience the love of God and their purpose on this earth through that love. 


Audrey has a deep passion for helping people and is a writer at heart. She has written, designed and published her first book “Hope in the Hopeless” a 30-day compilation of prayers of hope and thanksgiving, and is currently working on her second book, “Health for Healing Hearts” a guide to healing and restoration for women. In her spare time she enjoys photography and uses her images to further spread the message of hope, love and happiness to the world. 

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